RmaX Systems is a digital communications agency, which has won major recognition for our excellent work in website design, web development, software development, training and online marketing services. Our office is situated in Lagos, Nigeria.

You can reach us via the following means:
Phone: (234) 8165265988, (234) 8028495646
Website: http://www.rmaxsystems.com.ng
Email: admin@rmaxsystems.com.ng
Facebook: www.facebook.com/RmaxSystems
Twitter: www.twitter.com/RmaxSystems

We create innovative software which is:
> visually and graphically oriented;
> enhances the productivity and customer service capability of organizations through effective database management;
> caters for the whole spectrum of users, from beginners to advanced;
> is based on widely IT industry standards;
> utilises new and emerging technologies.