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BlackBerry tips and tricks

1. Use the keyboard less

BlackBerry has always had a QWERTY keyboard and
you can type everything out in full - but you can save
time with the built-in shortcuts. Press space twice at
the end of a sentence to get the full stop and an
automatic capital on the next word.

Don't bother with apostrophes in words like I'm and
isn't (type im and the BlackBerry will correct it for
you); there are other handy abbreviations like 'wel' to
get 'we'll' and 'il' to get 'I'll' and you can add your
own with Options > AutoText.

2. Quick capitals
You don't need Shift - press and hold a letter key to
type the upper case letter.

3. Skip Symbol

If you're typing an email address into a field that
expects an email address, don't bother looking for
how to type the @; just hit space and BlackBerry
with put the @ in for you. Press space when you need
the . in the middle of the email address and it will fill
that in, too. Do the same for URLs in the browser;
pressing space fills in the periods faster than typing
them by hand.

4. Fast select
There's a Select command on the menu for choosing
what to copy and paste - but you can make a
selection just by holding down the Shift key as you
scroll the trackball.

5. Keyboard shortcuts
Save on scrolling by using 't' to get to the top of any
email message, web page or other long screen and
'b' to get to the bottom. There are specific shortcuts
for all the built-in apps like using the Mute button to
pause videos or music or skipping to the next or
previous track by pressing and holding the volume
up and down keys (which also zoom in and out in the
camera - although many apps use I and O to zoom);
there's a list in the Help tool.
SAVE TIME:Put the keyboard to work with shortcuts
in every built-in app

6. Choose dialling or shortcuts
Under Options > Phone Options > General Options
you can set Dial From Home Screen to Yes or No; if
you set it to Yes you can start typing a name to dial
the number on the home screen, if you set it to No
you can type the first letter of apps on the home
screen to open them (M for Mail, B for browser, C to
compose email - and oddly N for Messenger, L for
Calendar and U for Calculator).

7. Web columns
Press Z in the web browser to reflow the page into a
column the size of the BlackBerry screen so it's
easier to read; press Z again to go back to a normal
page view you can scroll around.
EASY READING:Switch between seeing the original
layout and a version of the page reformatted as one
long BlackBerry-sized column

8. Turn on JavaScript
To save memory and make pages load faster, the
BlackBerry browser usually has JavaScript turned off
by default; use Options > Browser Configuration >
Support JavaScript to turn it back on and make more
pages load correctly.

9. Which browser?
There are three different browsers on the BlackBerry;
a WAP browser for viewing content from your mobile
network, the BlackBerry HTML browser (and a
hotspot browser that prioritises the Wi-Fi
If you have problems accessing or
loading Web pages, choose Options > Browser
Configuration and set Browser to BlackBerry Browser
and make sure Options > General Properties >
Default Browser is also set to BlackBerry Browser.

10. Don't get mobile Web sites
You can also try changing Browser Identification from
BlackBerry to Firefox or IE to force the full versions of
specific pages to load instead of the cut-down mobile
versions - but they might be slow or not load fully.

BROWSER SWAP:The BBC web site always loads
the mobile version on BlackBerry; if you want to see
the full site, have your BlackBerry pretend to run
Firefox or IE.

More at Techradar

You got Tips of yours not included here, you can share by replying to this Post. Cheers.
by RmaX
Sat Dec 15, 2012 8:42 am
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10-star end of the year

For every football fan, the just concluded game between Arsenal and Newcastle was definitely a joy to watch.

10 goals in total: Magnificient 7 for the Gunners and 3 to the Magpies. It was the Premier League at its best and such displays are reasons why the EPL is still the most followed of leagues.

Both teams showed defensive frailties as they have been synonymous with, but the highlight of the game was the attacking intent by both teams.

With a line up of Cisse and Ba, you can be sure of goals (ask Man. U.). But when you have a Hungry striker-wanna-be in Theo Wale (Walcott) on the pitch, look no further than today's game to know how deadly he is becoming.

His Igwe-esque tap-ins are now becoming a common thing and you just have to love the way he makes them look so easy. Even Opposing fans couldn't help but applaud his first goal and the Igwe himself showed his admiration of the strike. The composure, finesse and class with which he bent the ball to the bottom right made a top keeper in Krul look so helpless.

Newcastle kept on coming back at Arsenal, but the fighting spirit was so glaring in the Gunners that one could see a loss wasn't on their agenda. The energetic display from the likes of Podolski, Super Jack Wilshere, Arteta, The Ox and Koscielny showed the growing confidence in the team.

The team might not be able to put up attacking displays that Gunners are sysnonymous with on a consistent basis, but all every Arsenal fan wants is the fighting spirit and never say die attitude which was displayed today.

Arsene has always said the true Arsenal will return when his new crop of players gel together. The combination of Jack and Santi has been a joy to watch and they have only just started.

Bar the defensive issues, keeping this Arsenal side fit and playing together until the end of the season would definitely be a major boost for a claim at any trophy.

Theo has got to sign that contract. Unlike the well known Judas players, this is a british true breed of Arsenal and loosing him for mere wage issues would be disappointing. He has prooved his right to the center forward role, it is now left to the board to show whatever ambition is still left in them.

The second hatrick for Theo (breaking his 12goal feat of last season), rejuvinated Giroud and Podolski, the spanish trio/duo of Santi, Wilshere(spanish class) and Arteta hold whatever glimpes of hope the Gunners have of ending their trophy drought this season.
by RmaX
Sat Dec 29, 2012 10:15 pm
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Shambolic display by Arsenal

Shambolic display by Arsenal. Inconsistency still an issue with this current Arsenal side.

Before you start referring to the Southampton game as the worst so far, let me remind you about the Bradford best to be forgotten game.

Today’s display against Southampton was nothing short of embarrassing. As realistic fans, we cannot expect to win every game; but if at all a team is to drop points, it ought to do so in an honorable way. Looking across the starting eleven for this match, you would have expected another rain of goals and 5-star performance. It seems the team scored all the goals meant for this match against Newcastle.

Other than Wilshere, every Arsenal player on the pitch looked clueless, lazy and non-committed. Misplaced passes, indecisiveness and zero drive were the hallmark of the match. At most periods of the game it would have been difficult to figure out which of the teams was battling in the relegation zone.
Several complaints can be made about the horrible performance, but I am tired of repeating the same thing over and over again. It is quite astonishing when most fans see obvious flaws in the team but the Monsieur never stops trying to make square pegs enter round holes. This is the period of the season where matches are so congested that every team has no choice but to rotate their squads. Not in the case of Le Prof, sticking with the same team for the majority of the season and refusing to make early substitutions have become a frustrating norm.
This match was begging for a Rosicky. Why on earth was he on the bench in the first place? Cazorla has brilliant as he is, couldn’t shift to a higher gear all through the game. Sagna looked like he was begging to be taken off. They all appeared to be carrying heavy legs as could be highlighted from the zero closing down, zero creativity, rampant misplaced passes, miscommunication and so much more!

Rotation ain’t possible when the reserve players are few and not good enough. The January Transfer Window player is here boss, we do not need an ‘exceptional player’ cos we know you wont pay the fee for such. Simply go out and get the team a proper 4, backup LB and a genuine attacker who can take the game on when things ain’t going in our favour.

Phew! Well the odd unbeaten run is still on but the winning run is definitely off. Try to have a good night Gunners. :cry:
by RmaX
Tue Jan 01, 2013 8:31 pm
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Who would you like to see replace Wenger? Join the debate:

Regardless of if you are pro or anti the current Arsenal Board, who would you like to see brought in to replace Wenger?

If the quest would be to look for someone that can cope with the prudent spendingby the board and still deliver top level results, then calls for David Moyes are not far fetched. Over the years he has done similar miracles with players obtained at bargain prices like Wenger has been doing. Moyes has maintained a steady progress in the EPL with previously unknown players and has had his own share of notable players departure.

Laudrup seems one to watch but early days yet. Klopp at Dortmund,
Bielsa at Bilbao and one or two others do strike me as
men who can carry on the great job done by the likes
of Chapman, Mee, Graham and Wenger.

Mourinho is certainly another great shout, but I doubt most Arsenal fans would agree and has Guardiola done enough to convince people? But both seem destined for the money clubs anyway.

Also, De Boer and Bergkamp at Ajax would be a fantastic coup for Arsenal after
the debts are mostly cleared and we can take some
risks. The club would need to give them a season or two to
adjust and implement their own ideas and style into
the side.

Another option would be to do something
completely out of norm like was done with Wenger
but without Dein and no other well connected man at
boardroom level, that'll be a tough ask.

A final point, no matter what your views are on his recent years,
we should be able to debate about Wengers current
deficiencies without resorting to calling him things
like 'idiot' and 'old f**l'. Arsenal FC's most successful manager deserves a bit more respect than that. I personally think it is time to start exploring
other opportunities and that his contract probably
should not be renewed this time around.

A fresh approach is needed.
by RmaX
Sat Jan 12, 2013 10:55 am
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